02/27/06 - Tom Fassbender/Mark Wiegert question Brendan Dassey at Mishicot High School

Interview of: Brendan Dassey Mishicot High School 02/27/06
Reporting Officers: Inv. Mark Wiegert Special Agent Tom Fassbender
FASSBENDER: Mark's obviously laying out a tape recorder on the table um we'd like to tape the interview, um OK, no problem with that, if that's all right. Um, you're not under arrest, you know that. You're free to go at anytime you want. Ah, just listen to us, you don't have to answer any questions if you don't want to and stuff like that, OK? Um and I, I would really appreciate if you would just kinda relax and open up with us. We're not here ta, ta jump in your face or get into ya or anything like that. I know that may have happened before and stuff like that, we're, we're not here to do that. We're here more ta maybe let you talk or talk to you a little about how you've been feeling lately and stuff. I, I have a feeling there's some things on your mind and I just want to give you that opportunity to talk about um I want you to talk to us, talk about what you're thinking about, feeling maybe. I know something's bothering ya, and you know that, and it's gotta be laying real real heavy on ya.
WIEGERT: You've had a tough go of it lately I'd imagine huh?
WIEGERT: We definitely understand that.
FASSBENDER: We're not here to hurt anyone, we j you know if you, you got a chance to meet Teresa's mother and stuff, you've got to know them a little and you'd know that they were decent people too, and just like I think your brother's are and your mom is and people don't realize that because all the bad press and stuff. And that's all we're, we're thinking about, just to bring justice, no matter how hard or how much it hurts. Ah, for, for Teresa. This feels pretty awkward, but go ahead and tell us what's been bothering ya.
BRENDAN: That he's, that he's gone and I can't see him
FASSBENDER: That Steve is gone? You're pretty close with Steve?
BRENDAN: I helped him fix his cars and that
FASSBENDER: mmhuh, I kinda figured that was part of it. Were you probably the closest to him as opposed ta like your brothers and stuff?
BRENDAN: Well me and Blaine were...........
FASSBENDER: Yeah, Blaine would hang around Steven a lot too? Have you been able to go up and visit him at all?
BRENDAN: Well I tried, but I, I couldn't get in cuz I didn't have my like identity cards.
FASSBENDER: Oh. You talk to him on the phone much?
FASSBENDER: How's your mom doing?
BRENDAN: Pretty good.
FASSBENDER: Anything else bothering you?
BRENDAN: Not really.
FASSBENDER: No. Brendan; we know that, that Halloween and stuff you were with him and, and helped him tend to a fire and stuff like that behind the garage and stuff and, anything that you saw that night that's been bothering ya? And if you built the fire, and we believe that's, that's where Teresa was cooked. And if you were out there by the fire and stuff, and by your own words you went and got that, that seat out of a, the vehicle seat remember that one, brought it over and someone put it on the fire, did you put that seat on the fire or him?
BRENDAN: We both did.
FASSBENDER: What did you both grab it and put it; put it in the fire? What did you see in the fire?
BRENDAN: Some branches......... a cabinet and some tires...........
FASSBENDER: mmhuh. Did you see any body parts?
FASSBENDER: You know if you think you saw something in the fire, and it's bo, starting to bother you, or you're feelin' bad about it, the only way it's ever gonna end is if you talk about it. I, I gotta believe you did see something in the fire. You wanna know why I believe that? Because Teresa's bones were intermingled in that seat. And the only way her bones were intermingled in that seat is if she was put on that seat or if the seat was put on top of her.
FASSBENDER: As I said, we're not gonna say you did and we're not gonna say you didn't, we're not here to ... We're here to give you the opportunity to come forward, to talk to us about what you did see, encountered out there that night. We want to know, a lot, a lot of the reason that we're doing this is because, how old are you 16, 17? You're a kid, you know and we got, we've got people back at the sheriff's dept., district attorney's office, and their lookin' at this now saying there's no way that Brendan Dassey was out there and didn't see something. They're talking about trying to link Brendan Dassey with this event. They're not saying that Brendan did it, they're saying that Brendan had something to do with it or the cover up of it which would mean Brendan Dassey could potentially befacing charges for that. And Mark & I are both going well ah he's a kid, he had nothing to do with this, and whether Steve got him out there to help build a fire and he inadvertently saw some things that's what it would be, it wouldn't be that Brendan act- actually helped him dispose of this body. And I'm looking at you Brendan and I know you saw something and that's what killing you more than anything else, knowing that Steven did this, it hurts. Whether it was an accident that Steven did it by, however it happened, he's, he's gotta deal with that. Truthfully, I don't believe Steven intended to kill her. I don't know how it happened, only Steven knows how it happened, and potentially you. Do you know how it happened? What did you see in that fire?
BRENDAN: ............ some black............... some garbage bag on there.
FASSBENDER: Umhm, and what was in the garbage bag?
BRENDAN: ........................
FASSBENDER: ........... garbage bag and they were plastic? Plastic melts pretty quick right......................................
BRENDAN: Well, I would bum the garbage
FASSBENDER: Where did you get those bags from?
BRENDAN: ............... from his garage ... he was saving it for a bonfire
BRENDAN: Cuz we invited some friends over but they cancelled.
FASSBENDER: Yeah, I know how hard this is, you know that you saw him put some garbage bags on, but I can look, I can't see in your eye, but by your look I can tell you know of something, you saw something or somebody, somethin's laying heavy on ya. We wouldn't be here bothering you if we didn't know that. We've gotten a lot of information and you know some people don't care, some people back there say no we'll just charge him. We said no, let us talk to him, give him the opportunity to come forward with the information that he has, and get it off of his chest. Now make it look, you can make it look however you want, ... really care,............ tell us what you knew that way you don't have to feel bad for Steven you have to tell the truth. You have no choice in that, someone had killed someone and like I said I don't think Steven intended to do it, but it happened. He still has to pay the price for that........... I hope you understand that. He didn't do the right thing. How are you going to live with yourself the rest of your life knowing what you know. And I've got ... kids somewhat your age, I'm lookin' at you and I see you in him and I see him in you, I really do, and I know how that would hurt me too. I know how much he would hurt because of what he did know and how, how he felt for the person and what he saw and what he knows. I'm not here, like I said I'm not here to............ I'm not, I here to give you the opportunity to get this off your chest. Mark and I, yeah we're cops, we're investigators and stuff like that, but I'm not right now. I'm a father that has a kid your age too. I wanna be here for you. There's nothing I'd like more than to come over and give you a hug cuz I know you're hurtin'. Yes I do wanna give justice to, to this and to the Halbachs too. You wanna tell me what you saw and what you heard, cuz I know that something is, it's intensely bothering you. Talk about it, we're not just going to let you high and dry, we're gonna talk to your mom after this and we'll deal with this, the best we can for your good OK? I promise I will not let you high and dry, I'll stand behind you.
WIEGERT: We both will Brendan. We're here to help ya.
BRENDAN: Well I know that he......................
FASSBENDER: ... and that's nice to know. It's not something that, that I mean we knew that. I'm more interested in what you probably saw in that fire or something. We know she was put in that fire, there's no doubt about it. The evidence speaks for itself. And you were out there with him. And unfortunately I'm afraid you saw something that you wished you never would have seen. You know, I mean, and that's what we need to know. We get that off your chest and we can move forward. That's the important thing we need to, to get out right now, for you. Cuz you're having a tough go of it, and it's not just cuz' you can't see Steve but what you saw. Did you see a hand, a foot, something in that fire? Her bones? Did you smell something that was not too right?
BRENDAN: Well we weren't there for long............ picking up the stuff
FASSBENDER: You were both there, you and Steven? Was it just you going around with the cart to get the stuff?
FASSBENDER: Tell me this, when, when you, I mean you, you got home from school and stuff, w-were you there when the fire started or did you come out after the fire was going pretty good?
BRENDAN: He had it started.......................
FASSBENDER: And then were there tires on it before you got out there?
BRENDAN: No just branches............................................
FASSBENDER: And then what time did you go in the house that night about?
BRENDAN: About 10
FASSBENDER: And was he still out there then?
BRENDAN: He was out there till like..... my brother came home and said he...........
FASSBENDER: And what brother is that?
WIEGERT: You said you went in at 10
WIEGERT: All right.
FASSBENDER: And that same night, did you help him push a vehicle somewhere too?
BRENDAN: Yeah I did.............................
FASSBENDER: And what did you do with that, was that a Suzuki? And where did you push that?
BRENDAN: He had it outside, I just pushed it into the garage.
FASSBENDER: His garage?
FASSBENDER: And what else was in that garage at that time?
BRENDAN: His moped.
FASSBENDER: He had a moped in there? Anything else? .
BRENDAN: ...... snowmobile............ his lawnmower
FASSBENDER: No other vehicle? (PAUSE). Can you tell me some other things?
BRENDAN: .........................................
FASSBENDER: You saw? Didn't see anything in that fire?
WIEGERT: What was in the garbage bags?
BRENDAN: Paper plates, soda bottles
WIEGERT: Were they heavy?
BRENDAN: ......
FASSBENDER: Did you help carry them out or?
BRENDAN: ..... I carried one out
FASSBENDER: Out of the house or garage?
FASSBENDER: What else is botherin' ya?
BRENDAN: Trying to find a girlfriend
FASSBENDER: mmhuh. .........
BRENDAN: Tried to get a hold of ... girlfriend
FASSBENDER: Did you just breakup?
BRENDAN: ............ she broke up with me.
FASSBENDER: Did she say why? Nothing to do with this, is it?
FASSBENDER: Well I hope you're gettin' over that. Just a girl, you'll find others, right? Talk to your mom about it at all? Did she say the same thing, find other girls?
BRENDAN: ..... My mom told me that times heal.
FASSBENDER: True, time will, time will heal.
WIEGERT: Brendan, we know that Steve told you to say certain things when the police came and talked to you OK, I know that. We've been told that. What did Steve tell you to tell us?
BRENDAN: ...... not to say stuff
WIEGERT: What kind of stuff?
BRENDAN: Like don't talk..............................
WIEGERT: Did he tell you what to say?
WIEGERT: I heard that he did. I heard, and I was told Brendan Steve told you what to say and what not to say because it was you and him out by that fire. I know you and him knew what was going on there. It's really important that you be honest here OK? Everybody gets an opportunity with Tom and I OK, and we want to give you that opportunity to be honest. We want to help you through this. Obviously it's bothering you, this whole thing is bothering you and the rest of your family, but you'll never ever get over it unless you're honest about it, cuz this will bug you 'til the day that you die, unless you're honest about it. But we wanna go back and tell people that, you know, Brendan told us what he knew. We wanna be able to tell people that Brendan was honest, he's not like Steve, he's honest, he's a good guy. He's gonna go places in this life. But in order for us to do that, you need to be honest with us and so far you're not being 100 percent honest. OK. Tom and I have been doing this job a long, long time, longer than you've been alive, and our experience and our knowledge in this job tells us that you're not being totally honest with us and there's no way that you're going to get over this and move on in your life without being honest.
FASSBENDER: You know Steven said there wasn't a fire that night. He denied that, denied that and denied that until enough witnesses came forward and said that had they seen a fire................ you know that.
WIEGERT: Steve doesn't care about you right now, he cares about himself.
FASSBENDER: Unfortunately that's all Steven cares about. He left you to hang out to dry. He told you what to say when you got off the bus and what you saw. You know what you saw.......... You're the only one that we talked to between the other brothers, Blaine, Bobby, Bryan, that is inconsistent with what they said. Part of it's because of that cuz you like Steven, you're trying to help him, but you're misguided that way and you're trying to help him out with what you know happened and did see. I think you're starting to be honest with us about some things right now.
BRENDAN: Well, when we were up north ... he was trying to hide when the cops came and grandpa............................
WIEGERT: What else did he tell you?
BRENDAN: That he said he was gonna get in the car and try to get away as far as he could.
FASSBENDER: ....... Anyone else by the fire by you that night? ...... all night. I think there's a reason for that like Steven felt he, ah, could trust you to not say anything ........ fire .............................. and asked you to ..... using your love, and taking advantage of that.
WIEGERT: To cover up for hurting that girl, that girl didn't do nothin'. How would you feel if that was your sister?
WIEGERT: That burn pit Brendan was no bigger than this table. OK. You know how big it was. I find it quite difficult to believe that if there was a body in that Brendan that you wouldn't have seen something like a hand, or a foot, a head, hair, something. OK. We know you saw something. And maybe you've tried to block it out but it's really important that you remember. Think back.
FASSBENDER: I'm really............ by the garage, by the house, by the fire pit. I know you saw something .... Mark and I both can go back to the district attorney and say, ah, ... Dassey ... came forward and finally told us. Can imagine how this was weighing on him? They'll understand that.
WIEGERT: We'll go to bat for ya, but you have to be honest with us.
FASSBENDER: Tell us the truth, exactly.
BRENDAN: .................................................
FASSBENDER: Can you get close? Can you get close ... to telling us the truth.
WIEGERT: It's OK to tell us.
FASSBENDER: It's OK, it's a big step...... a step toward feeling better about yourself, to recovery, to not crying at night because of this stuff happenin'..................... what you saw. I promise you I'll not let you hang out there alone, but we've gotta have the truth. The truth is gonna be terrible.............. your mom...............
WIEGERT: We're not gonna run back and tell your grandma and grandpa what you told us or anything like that. OK.
WIEGERT: Let's talk about it.
FASSBENDER: .. Talk to us Brendan if you want this resolved.
BRENDAN: ............... some clothes like a blue shirt, some pants ...
WIEGERT: Where did he get the clothes from?
BRENDAN: His garage.
WIEGERT: Where in the garage?
BRENDAN: ..................
WIEGERT: Where in the garage were they?
BRENDAN: ... in the back..
WIEGERT: Back and on the side?
FASSBENDER: Was her car still in there when you went in there? Tell us the truth.
FASSBENDER: OK. Did you see some undergarments or anything like that? Bra?
WIEGERT: How about any shoes?
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: Was there blood on those clothes? Be honest Brendan; We know. We already know you know. Help us out. 1bink of yourself here. Help that family out.
FASSBENDER: It's gonna be all right, OK.
WIEGERT: Was there blood on those clothes?
BRENDAN: A little bit
WIEGERT: OK. Where was the blood?
BRENDAN: Like.......
WIEGERT: Blood on the shirt?
BRENDAN: ...........................
FASSBENDER: You're startin' to, you're starting to get it out now OK. It'll be all right..................... get it all out, it doesn't do any good to get half of it out.
BRENDAN: ................. the fire............... said he was gonna bury it and start.............
FASSBENDER: When the fire pit got full, he was gonna bury that whole pit and start, did he have somewhere else? Where...........
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: Ohh. So you had to move it from behind the garage to behind the house. Did he say why? Did you know why?
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: Where did he tell you those clothes came from?
BRENDAN: He said that they were........................
WIEGERT: You kinda knew better though, don't ya?
FASSBENDER: You now know better, they were girl clothes, weren't they?
WIEGERT: Were they in a bag or anything?
BRENDAN: They were....... bag
FASSBENDER: ... pants and shirt and anything else you saw ... Had blood on the shirt?
WIEGERT: Where on the shirt was the blood? Where on the shirt was the blood?
WIEGERT: Was it a button down shirt?
FASSBENDER: Remember what kind of pants were they blue jean pants or ...
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: What else did he get out of the garage? Be honest OK.
BRENDAN: .... He had a shovel, ...
BRENDAN: and a rake........ he took
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: What did he do with the shovel?
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: Let's go to the parts that..................... clothes..... talk about......... whenever he talked .... got a feelin' that you saw something in the fire that you're trying to just...................
WIEGERT: It's not your fault. Remember that.
FASSBENDER: Yeah, it's not your fault.................. Like I said, Mark and I are not going to leave you high and dry. I got a very, very important appointment at 3:00 today. Well I ain't leavin' for the appointment until I'm sure you're taken care of..... telling the truth........................ get this off your chest and get it out in the open ... so go ahead and talk to us about what you saw in the fire are killin' you right now............................ what you see. Go ahead, go ahead................ you've got to do this for yourself. I know you feel that it's gonna hurt Steven, but it's actually, actually gonna help Steven come to grips with what he needs to do. More important, this could help you. How long you thing ... are going to put up with this ... You know we found some flesh in that fire too. We know you saw some flesh. We found it after all that burned. I know you saw it ... Tell us. You don't have to worry about.............. you won't have to prove that in court. (phone rings) Tell us what you saw. You saw some body parts ... You're shaking your head ... tell us what you saw ...
BRENDAN: You all right
FASSBENDER: You all right? You all right? What other parts did you see?
FASSBENDER: ... part of a foot too? What other parts of the body ... Did you see part of the arm, the legs? I know. It's all right ... Did you see part of her head? Skull?
BRENDAN: I seen.....
FASSBENDER: Okay ... a human body ... did you say anything to Steven? .... Was he hoping you didn't see that or what?
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: Where? The body parts that you saw, were they on top of tires or r underneath the tires, or?
BRENDAN: .........
BRENDAN: ..... bottom of tires
FASSBENDER: Underneath the bottom of the tires.
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: Could you smell them?
FASSBENDER: All right, we got, we got a lot of important stuff out there now. Take a breath. Let's go over th,-the parts that you mentioned, OK, so you mentioned toes, fingers, parts of hand and feet and then what you thought maybe was stomach area or midsection or torso. Did you see any parts of the legs .... parts of the legs or arms. You sure you didn't see her, her, now this is very hard, it's eas, not easy but it easier to say your saw a toe or a finger, but when you start saying to me or I saw a head or a face or hair or you know stuff like that, that's when it hurts though but I find it very hard that you didn't see a skull or the head. Did you see part of the head or face or skull?
BRENDON: ....... somewhat.
WIEGERT: I know this is hard Brendan, but can you describe what you saw when you mean somewhat?
BRANDAN: Like her forehead.
WIEGERT: Did you seen any hair?
FASSBENDER: When you say her forehead was it white bone already or was there still flesh on it?
BRENDAN: ............... a little it of flesch.
FASSBENDER: A little bit of flesch.
WIEGERT: Were all the body parts connected yet?
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: Yes? Did you say yes or no? I'm not sure.
FASSBENDER: So all the body parts were pretty mu.ch connected then when you saw the toes, which means they were probably connected to the feet yet, correct? Which means the feet, foot is connected to both the legs, so I'm just going to ask this question, you're saying that you seen body part. You're pretty much, you're seeing a body? Is that accurate? You saw her body in there?
WIEGERT: Would you say yes or no for me BRENDAN?
FASSBENDER: And then the shovel and the rake were used to do, to do what?
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: Now you can tell me if you actually think ... you see that?
FASSBENDER: But you did. And you never said anything to him. Have you told this to anyone? And is that what's been bothering you a lot?
FASSBENDER: And, and I understand that, that's normal because you've done nothing wrong.
WIEGERT: Brendan, I'm going to ask you a difficult question, OK? Did you help him put that body in the fire? If you did it's OK.
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: Was the body in the fire before you got out to the fire? .
BRENDAN: There was like branches.............
WIEGERT: When did you see it, when you first went out there or when?
BRENDAN: Like if......................
WIEGERT: So, let's just go through you, what time did you go out there?
WIEGERT: What time?
WIEGERT: OK. So at 9
BRENDAN: .........
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: OK, and you see what exactly, explain to me exactly what you saw at 9:00.
BRENDAN: Branches, tires, tires, like a garbage. bag, and.................................
WIEGERT: So you went there at 9 the garbage, it's all on the fire already? Is it burning already?
WIEGERT: And then you go get the car seat?
WIEGERT: And how do you get that?
BRENDAN: We put it in the back of the golf cart.
FASSBENDER: Who's golf cart?
BRENDAN: No, Barb's.
WIEGERT: Barb Janda, oh yeah.
FASSBENDER: OK, so you go get the, the seat and then what do you do?
BRENDAN: ....the big pit fire and then we got there and threw it on it
FASSBENDER: During this process, is he moving the rake, shoveling it to mix things up and stir things?
BRENDAN: .....
WIEGERT: So then after you throw the seat on, what happens, when do you see the body parts?
BRENDAN: Like when he's pushing it on there.
WIEGERT: He's pushing what on there?
BRENDAN: .........car seat
WIEGERT: OK. Tell me again what do you see in that fire?
BRENDAN: I......................
WIEGERT: First you see the feet? And then what?
BRENDAN: Then I looked around a little bit and I seen....................
WIEGERT: You saw the hands and the forehead. And then what did you see?
BRENDAN: .....
FASSBENDER: So you went and got some wood, came back and he ... then what did you see?
BRENDAN: .....
FASSBENDER: When did you, did you ever see the body again then? What parts did you see this time?
WIEGERT: What else did you see?
BRENDAN: That's it.
WIEGERT: When did he, when did he put the clothes on the fire?
BRENDAN: .....
FASSBENDER: So you were still there when he went in the garage. Did you go in the garage with him to get the clothes? He brought em out?
FASASBENDER: Now earlier you said the clothes were not in the back on the far side, how did you tell that?
BRENDAN: Cuz he usually has them back there..............................
FASSBENDER: Are you sure you didn't go in the garage with him to get the clothes?
WIEGERT: Now I-I've been told that you and STEVE talked about the body in there, OK, that's what I was told, and I believe that. You guys did talk about it, didn't ya?
WIEGERT: What did he tell you?
BRENDAN: That I shouldn't say ....
WIEGERT: OK. So you tell me how that conversation went. What did you say to him?
BRENDAN: I said why did you do it because............ and he's like............... and told me not to say nothing.
WIEGERT: Did you know who it was?
FASSBENDER: Did he say who it was?
WIEGERT: So he said he got angry?
WIEGERT: Did he say how he did it?
WIEGERT: Did you ask him?
WIEGERT: What exactly did he say? He said he, you saw the bones and you said to him why did you do it? Or did you ask him if it was a body or how did that go?
BRENDAN: Why did he do it?
WIEGERT: OK and he said exactly what?
BRENDAN: That he, that he......................................
WIEGERT: Did he tell you where he did it?
WIEGERT: What did he tell you about the truck?
FASSBENDER: You saw her car didn't ya? Her RA V4. Where was it when you saw it?
BRENDAN: On the other side of the street ...
FASSBENDER: Where did you see it later? Was it in his garage later? Did you see it in his garage
BRENDAN: .....
FASSBENDER: When was the first time you went out again?
BRENDAN: At night
FASSBENDER: At night about 9
WIEGERT: Where was the truck then?
BRENDAN: ......
FASSBENDER: Let's back up to when you go out there, did he tell you about Teresa right away or did you actually see the body before he told you?
BRENDAN: I seen the body.
FASSBENDER: And he knew you saw it, did you say something to him then or did he say something to you?
BRENDAN: ......is what he said.........
WIEGERT: And he also said what?
BRENDAN: He got angry and stuff
WIEGERT: And what else did he say?
FASSBENDER: Did he say how it happened, it's important.
FASSBENDER: I can't believe that he wouldn't have told you how it happened and how did he kill her.....
BRENDAN: .....
WIEGERT: How do you know that?
BRENDAN: Because......................
WIEGERT: I also heard that he told you how he did it, that's that's
true isn't it? BRENDON: Yeah
WIEGERT: Tell me what he told you.
BRENDON: .......car ... the ... jeep ....
WIEGERT: What did he tell you he did in the jeep?
BRENDAN: That he tied her up and stabbed her..
WIEGERT: Where did he say he did this?
BRENDAN: ............
WIEGERT: What else did he tell you?
BRENDAN: He said how he tried to hide it.
WIEGERT: How did he try to hide it, what did he tell you?
BRENDON: He tried to cover it with branches, a car hood
WIEGERT: The car you're talking about, her truck? Her jeep, he tried to cover it with what?
BRENDAN: Branches, a car hood
WIEGERT: Did he say anything about shooting her. Tell me again how he said he killed her.
BRENDAN: He said he tied her up and stabbed her.
WIEGERT: Did he say where he stabbed her?
BRENDAN: ....................
FASSBENDER: Did he say how he got, did he say he took her into the pit or did he kill her out by the garage or his house?
WIEGERT: Is that what he told you, he took her into the pit?
WIEGERT: And he stabbed her where, in the truck you said?
WIEGERT: Where's the knife that he used to stab her?
BRENDAN: In the truck under the seat.
WIEGERT: Did he show you that knife?
FASSBENDER: How do you know that was.............instead of the truck?
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: We can't discuss that. How do you know it's in there?
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: Did he take you down and show you the jeep? Did he tell you how he got the jeep down there?
BRENDAN: He drove it there.
WIEGERT: Which way did he drive it?
BRENDAN: Chuckie's way.
WIEGERT: Past Chuckie's house?
FASSBENDER: Does Chuck know about this?
WIEGERT: Do you think Chuck knows about this?
BRENDAN: Probably
WIEGERT: Why do you think that?
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: You think anybody helped him?
WIEGERT: Did he tell you when he did this?
FASSBENDER: Before you got home from school or after ... Did he say anything?
FASSBENDER: When you got home you said you saw her truck out by the driveway. But did you see, did you see her? And when I say you got home, I mean from school, all right, and that was at what time do you usually get home?
FAASSBENDER: Did you notice anything else, was there a fire burning out in front of the house in the burn barrel? So you see the vehicle, you go inside and you said you played Nintendo and stuff and the next time you came out was around 9:00 ta... the fire. Going back to Mark's line of questioning, what was he gonna do with the car?
BRENDAN: Probably crush it.
FASSBENDER: Probably or did he tell you that?
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: Did he ever tell you what he was gonna do with the car? Did he tell you anything else about the car besides that he put branches on it and, and a hood on it. Did he tell you if he did anything with the license plates?
FASSBENDER: Where did he say he hid the knife in the car?....... crush it..... something specific about that ...
BRENDON: ... under the seat
FASSBENDER: He put the knife under the seat. He told you that?
FASSBENDER: Did he, he said he got mad. Did he say why he got mad?
FASSBENDER: Did he try to have sex with her or anything and she said no and
BRENDAN: .........
WIEGERT: Did he ever tell you that, it's very important, OK, cuz we had heard that he might have told you that.
WIEGERT: No? Yes or no?
WIEGERT: What else did he tell you about her?
BRENDAN: That she was kinda pretty.
FASSBENDER: How was he acting at the time and stuff?
BRENDAN: ..... shook his head.....
WIEGERT: Did you see any blood on him at all?
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: Was he hurt?
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: Did you see any abrasions at all, bandaged up at all anywhere? Did he tell you that he hurt himself or she hurt him ....
BRENDAN: He said he cut his finger '
FASSBENDER: He said he cut his finger on what?
BRENDON: By the garage...... he cut his finger on glass.....
WIEGERT: Did he say what he did with his clothes? Cuz there had to be blood on his clothes.
WIEGERT: Are you sure? I heard he told you something about that. I heard he told you how he cleaned things up. Be honest now, if he didn't it's OK but if he did, you need to tell us.
WIEGERT: You didn't see it, did he tell you about it?
WIEGERT: No? Say yes or no.
FASSBENDER: We had heard that he cut himself during the .... Did he say that or not? What did he say cuttin' himself during it? -
BRENDAN: ........ hurt himself
FASSBENDER: Did he say where he cut himself?
BRENDAN: .........
FASSBENDER: On the knife that he used to kill her, yes or no.
WIEGERT: Tell us what he told you exactly?
WIEGERT: That's OK, go ahead.
WIEGERT: Go ahead.
FASSBENDER: Take a second, it's all right.
WIEGERT: He said that he cut himself, while he was stabbing her? Yes or no.
WIEGERT: Tell, just try to go through in your mind exactly what he told you about him cutting himself. Put it in your own words .
BRENDAN: .... he......... he said................
WIEGERT: OK. Is everything you're telling me today, Brendan, the truth? Yes or no.
WIEGERT: I have to ask you another difficult question. It's very important, that you to be honest with me. OK? Did you have anything to do with the death of Teresa Halbach?
WIEGERT: Tell me who did.
WIEGERT: And Steven did it by how again, tell me that again.
BRENDAN: That he stabbed her.
FASSBENDER: OK. Had he told you that? Yes or no?
FASSBENDER: Did he say he had had a gun with a........ at all?
WIEGERT: Did you ask him about a gun?
WIEGERT: And he told you that he did this in her truck?
WIEGERT: And he tied her up first?
WIEGERT: And then he stabbed her inside the truck.
WIEGERT: And he told you put the truck in the pit?
WIEGERT: And how did he get the truck in the pit again, tell me that.
BRENDAN: He drove it.
WIEGERT: He drove it which way?
BRENDAN: Chuck's way, Chuck's, past Chuck's house.
WIEGERT: Did Chuck see him?
BRENDAN: ...........
WIEGERT: Honestly?
WIEGERT: Did he say if Chuck seen him?
WIEGERT: Did he say if anybody else saw him?
WIEGERT: Did he tell you what he was gonna do with her truck?
BRENDAN: That he might crush it
WIEGERT: That he might
BRENDAN: Start it on fire.
WIEGERT: He might crush it or start it on fire?
WIEGERT: Did he tell you how he got her bloody clothes?
WIEGERT: Did he tell you those were her clothes?
BRENDAN: .....
WIEGERT: Honestly?
WIEGERT: What did he tell you?
BRENDAN: That I should keep my mouth shut, they were hers
WIEGERT: Did he threaten you?
BRENDAN: Sort of.
FASSBENDER: What did he say?
WIEGERT: Tell me
BRENDAN: .................. stab me too.
WIEGERT: Or else he would stab you too?
WIEGERT: Go back to the clothes, he said that those were whose clothes?
BRENDAN: Teresa Halbach.
WIEGERT: Do you want to take a little break, get a soda? You need something to drink?
FASSBENDER: What kind? Do you want something?.......
WIEGERT: I'd like to take a little break, would you mind if we took a five minute break, is that OK, if you just sit here and relax for a bit?
FASSBENDER: When we come back, would you mind ah writing out a statement for us? We may even write it for you if you want, but we prefer you write it out for us, OK?
WIEGERT: You did the right thing Brendan, OK.
FASSBENDER: As hard as it was. Yeah.......... not you could................ all right?
WIEGERT: We'll be right back OK?
FASSBENDER: Take a short break. I got Brendan a Pepsi and just to recover a little.
WIEGERT: It is now 1330 hours and Brendan you remember you are not under arrest, right? You can stop answering questions at any time. Right? Yes?
WIEGERT: And you can walk out anytime you want. Right?
FASSBENDER: How are you feeling? How
FASSBENDER: You feel a little bit better that you got this out?
WIEGERT: Did you tell anybody else about this Brendan? Nobody?
FASSBENDER: Brendan. We asked right before we, we gave you your break, we asked you if you would write out a statement for this and you said yes. Is that still true?
FASSBENDER: OK. We're gonna ask that you do that then and Mark's brought some statement forms and he's gonna to explain that to you and ah, we're going to ask you to pretty much write what you told us and what you saw and then make sure above everything else it's the truth. OK. Cuz you can imagine that people may try to question you on that. So just make sure it's the truth and you have nothing to worry about. OK?
WIEGERT: I just had a quick question, Brendan. Everything you told us prior to this about Steve and the body and the car. What day was that? Do you remember?
BRENDAN: October 31st
WIEGERT: I'm gonna give you this statement form here. It's pretty self-explanatory. I'm, I'm gonna let you use the pen there. You put the date in here. We'll just go line by line.
BRENDAN: What's the date today?
WIEGERT: Twenty-seventh.
WIEGERT: And the place where we're at right now (pause) which is Mishicot High School. The time you start this will be 1333. OK that's close enough. Actually let's circle. Is it a.m. or p.m.? p.m. OK. And then print your name, it says I, the undersigned. Print your name with middle initial.
BRENDAN: Is that cursive?
WIEGERT: I'm sorry.
BRENDAN: Is that cursive or?
WIEGERT: Um, not cur, I don't, I don't remember. It's been a long time since I've had school. Instead of, instead of writing it
FASSBENDER: Not cursive.
WIEGERT: Print it
FASSBENDER: Not cursive.
WIEGERT: long time .... in school. You have kids. What's your middle initial? Put that in there. OK. And then your home address? We'll put your phone number in there. How old you are and what's your date of birth. What do hereby make this following statement to, we'll put it ah, Investigator, and I'll spell my last name for you.
FASSBENDER: It's on the card.
WIEGERT: Oh yeah. That's, that's close enough, put a dot there, you can abbreviate if you want, and then you can just put my last name in there. Then we'll put Agent, A.G.E.N.T.
FASSBENDER: And then Fassbender which is on the card right next....
WIEGERT: You can write right over the other writing. It's not a problem. First identified himself as, ah we identified ourselves as what, before. Detectives?
BRENDAN: How do you spell that?
WIEGERT: D.E.T.E.C.T.I.V.E.S. And we'll just go down to this line, and we're just gonna have you write in there exactly what you told us before. OK. And I think you should start out with, and this is totally up to you how you want to do it, but maybe start out with when you got off the bus and then what did you see when you walked home. And then what did you do? OK? And what date it was. Put on there like on this date I saw this.
FASSBENDER: Make yourself comfortable. (Pause)
WIEGERT: Take as much time as and as much space as you need. There's a lot of pages there. (Long pause during statement being written)
WIEGERT: Are you finished or have more to go yet.
FASSBENDER: You can just tear that top sheet off and continue on the second ....
WIEGERT: What's that? You're done. OK. Can I take a look at it? OK. Tell you what I'll do is I'll just read it and then you tell me if that's what you want in there. OK. You, you've written this yourself Brendan? Is that true? Yes or no?
WIEGERT: OK, then I'm just going to read it and read what you wrote. OK? Is I got off the bus at 3:45 and seen her jeep down at Steven's house. Then I went in my house and played Playstation 2 for three hours and then I eat at 8:00 and I watch TV and then got a phone call from Steven, if I wanted to come over to have a fire and I did and he told me to bring the golf cart and I did. So then we went driving around the yard and got to pick up the stuff around the house. Then we dropped the seats by the fire and went to get the wood and the cabinet and then went back to throw the seat on the fire and then we waited for it to go down and throw on the wood and cabinet Then I seen the toes before we throw the wood and cabinet on the fire. When we did that he seen me that I seen the toes he told me not to say anything and he told me that he stabbed her in the stomach in the pit and he took the knife and put it under the seat in her jeep. Is that your statement Brendan?
WIEGERT: Um, did you want to add anything in there about where he stabbed her and why he told you he stabbed her?
BRENDAN: .... Why he stabbed her.
WIEGERT: You told me before that she was, that he was
BRENDAN: He was angry.
WIEGERT: angry
WIEGERT: Did you wanna add that into your statement? Yes or no?
FASSBENDER: We both may ask you some questions like that ah and then ah, you want to add it to your statement, you can do so. Based on what you told us there some things that we feel you should probably add to your statement, but that's up, that's up to you .
WIEGERT: Did he say what he was angry about?
WIEGERT: Not at all. That's a yes or no.
WIEGERT: And you told me before that he said he did something else to her, you said he tied her up and he stabbed her in the truck. Is that right?
WIEGERT: Do you wanna add that to your statement? OK.
FASSBENDER: What did he use to tie her up with, did he say?
WIEGERT: Did he say anything about duct tape?
WIEGERT: No. (pause)
FASSBENDER: You told us that he talked to you about not talking and that he threatened you. That would probably be a good thing to add to your statement if you'd like, specifically what he said to you. (pause)
WIEGERT: You also told us that he said she was pretty. Do you wanna add that in the statement? Yes or no?
BRENDAN: Yes. (pause)
FASSBENDER: Brendan, I think you did a real good job about writing. You were, you were a little more detailed about what you saw in the fire and it was getting very difficult to write that, but I think it's important that you write not to just to tell what us the things that you saw in the fire about her and the clothing. Is that all right?
FASSBENDER: OK, thank you. (pause)
FASSBENDER: Brendan, I just got a question and I think Mark's gonna have some too. We didn't ask this before. Did he say anything about cutting her up or anything like that or did he put her body in there whole....... ?
BRENDAN: He didn't say nothing.
FASSBENDER: Brendan, you told us earlier that what you saw was the whole body right? OK. Could you indicate that the body appeared to be whole or however you want to put it in your words. And where it was located, you had said under certain items. (pause)
WIEGERT: Did he say where he got the knife from, Brendan? Or who's knife it was? Did he say where he got it from? No?
WIEGERT: When he was telling you about how he stabbed her, was he laughing, enjoying it, or how was he putting it to you.
BRENDAN: He was just staring at the ground ..
WIEGERT: Did he say he was sorry or anything? He just stared at the ground. Is that what you said? Yes or no.
FASSBENDER: Another thing that you had talked to us about is where he put the vehicle in the pit and what he did to the vehicle. He talked about how he hid it. Could you add that? (pause)
WIEGERT: Did he tell you where he put her in the truck?
WIEGERT: OK. Now let me read, this would be page two that you added here. Is that correct Brendan?
WIEGERT: I'll read this. Is that okay?
WIEGERT: He was angry and that's why he did it. He told me he used rope to tie her up in the jeep and that's when he stabbed her. When he told me not to say anything, he threatened me a little bit. He said that she was pretty to him. I seen the fingers and the belly and the forehead in the fire. The body looked like it was together and it was under some tires and branches. He hid the vehicle in the pit back in the tree area.
WIEGERT: Can you, if you wish, add in there how he hid the vehicle? Did he put something on top of it? And if he did, what did he put on top of it? (pause)
FASSBENDER: Then you told us that he put some clothing on there. Can you add what you saw as it relates to that clothing? What you told us. (pause)
WIEGERT: OK, I'm gonna take that again and I'm gonna read what you just added Brendan. Is that okay?
WIEGERT: He hid the vehicle in the pit back in the tree area. He put some tree branches on the top of it and put the car hood on the top of it too. He put some clothes in the fire that was blue shirt and some pants.
WIEGERT: Did you see anything on that shirt at all?
BRENDAN: Some blood.
WIEGERT: Some what?
WIEGERT: OK, you wanna add that on there if you will?
FASSBENDER: You must have talked about something else......... to that shirt.
WIEGERT: Did he tell you who's shirt it was? Whose pants it was?
WIEGERT: Whose did he tell you it was? BRENDAN
WIEGERT: OK. (pause)
FASSBENDER: Did he tell ya anything about a, a, any of her other possessions like I imagine a woman would have a purse, she probably had her cell phone, a camera to take pictures. Did he tell you what he did with those things?
BRENDAN: ................
FASSBENDER: Are you sure?
FASSBENDER: What about, like the key to her car and stuff like that .... in there? OK.
WIEGERT: How about a camera? Did he say anything about a camera?
WIEGERT: Let me just read this last part that you added to the statement. OK.
WIEGERT: Some clothes in the fire pit that was a blue shirt and some pants. On the shirt there was a blood on it and there was a hole in it in the stomach area and he said it was Teresa, s shirt.
FASSBENDER: Is there anything that you haven't told us that you think you need to tell us? That he said or that you saw.
FASSBENDER: You mentioned when he was up in there......... that, that ah, he wanted to hide or leave and he that he said something to the effect, you said that he just wanted to go and get out of there and.......... get far away as he could, right? Would it be all right if you added that?
FASSBENDER: That's when the police were coming out there............ (pause)
BRENDAN: ............. finished.
WIEGERT: Let me take a look at it, if I could. I'm gonna continue reading what Brendan just added.
WIEGERT: He said he was going to go and leave the house and try to get as far as far as he could.
FASSBENDER: Brendan, this is your statement, the written part of it. I'm mean obviously we recorded you and have taken notes. Is there anything you want to add to that statement on, on how you felt during all this, how you feel. Feel free to add anything you want as it relates to that.
WIEGERT: Do you want to add anything? OK. (pause) Feel free to go to the next page if you have to. (pause)
WIEGERT: OK, I'm gonna read to what you just added to the second page.
WIEGERT: I felt sad that I had to be there and to be sorry for her family.
WIEGERT: Brendan, did we promise you anything prior to writing this statement?
WIEGERT: What did we promise you?
BRENDAN: That I could leave whenever, whenever I wanted, and I didn't have to answer any questions.
FASSBENDER: Did we threaten you at all?
FASSBENDER: Was your statement made of your own free will? (side one of tape ended, tape turned over for side two)
WIEGERT: Do you want to add that in your statement? Yes or no.
WIEGERT: OK. (pause)
WIEGERT: I'll read what you added to the statement. Is that okay?
WIEGERT: I make this statement and I did not get threatened to write it out and I What is that word?
WIEGERT: and I could leave when I wanted to and I didn't have to answer any questions.
WIEGERT: Is that true?
WIEGERT: OK. What I'm gonna have you do Brenden, I'm gonna have you number the pages. This would be number one and the next page would be number two and then I'm gonna have you sign here. It says signature of person giving voluntary statement. If you could sign there. And I guess you could use script on this one. I've learned something new myself today.
FASSBENDER: What's it called, Brendan?
BRENDAN: Cursive
WIEGERT: Cursive, is that what it was? All right. And then I'm going to sign it here and Tom will sign it there. I don't know where I got script from.
FASSBENDER: It's just a new word for ya.
WIEGERT: It must be.
FASSBENDER: Brendan, before I neglect to do this, I want to say that I'm extremely proud of you and what, what you did had to be very, very difficult and you're one hell of a kid because that had ta be the hardest thing you probably ever done in your life and I don't know if I could even feel what you hadda just do and I, I truly believe you're one hell of a kid. And you need to believe that too, okay, no matter what anyone says.
WIEGERT: And that goes for both of us. We both believe that.
FASSBENDER: You told the truth. That's very hard for you to do.
WIEGERT: Do you feel better that you got that off your chest a little bit?
FASSBENDER: I need to ask you one more question. We asked you before if you had told anyone about this. I think you need to really, you need to be honest one more time for me. Did you tell your mom?
FASSBENDER: Are you sure?
FASSBENDER: Because everything you've told us today obviously can be used in court. You understand that, right?
FASSBENDER: And people are gonna look at your statement and stuff like that and they're gonna do some diggin' of their own and stuff and if they find out that you didn't tell us the truth about somethin' in all likelihood, you're gonna hear about it. You understand that. So you need to tell us everything now so there are no surprises and no secrets. Understand?
FASSBENDER: Is there anything else?
WIEGERT: Did you tell any of your brothers?
WIEGERT: Any of your friends at school here?
WIEGERT: You hang out with, I know one kid in particular, who's that?
BRENDAN: Travis Fabian.
WIEGERT: Yeah. Did you tell Travis about this?
FASSBENDER: During the last several months were you afraid that Steven was gonna get out?
BRENDAN: Not really.
FASSBENDER: No. If ah, now that you've made this statement, are you afraid that he would get out, for your own safety?
BRENDAN: I don't think he's gonna get out
FASSBENDER: I know but if he did would, because of what he said to you, would you be afraid?
FASSBENDER: OK. Do you, um, why, I don't think we really have much choice, I think that I'm gonna do it no matter what you say. We need to call your mom, because I think she needs to be here, ah, t-to take you home.
WIEGERT: You don't, do you want to go back to class?
WIEGERT: I think maybe you wanna go home and rest a little bit. This couldn't a been easy. Well I'll tell you what, I need you to sign the second page. We'll call your ma and have her come here. OK?
FASSBENDER: Do you, do you agree with that?
BRENDAN: Well, I would like ta go to 8thhour.
FASSBENDER: Would you?
WIEGERT: What time does that start?
BRENDAN: I mean 2, 2
FASSBENDER: We have no problem with that. Are you all right? You all right? You're not gonna do anything to yourself or hurt yourself or anything like that. Right?
WIEGERT: Time we ended is 2
FASSBENDER: Brendan, look at me. You all right? OK. You understand that we do need to talk to your mom though. To let her know. So she can talk to you about this and you can talk to her or your dad, I don't care who, one of, one of your, one of your parents. Would you prefer your mom or your dad?
BRENDAN: My mom.
WIEGERT: Is she at work right now?
WIEGERT: What time does she work 'till.
FASSBENDER: What's that number? Do you have her work phone number or her cell phone number?
BRENDAN: Her cell phone is 973
BRENDAN: 1740 ...
WIEGERT: Where does she work again?
BRENDAN: Woodland Face Veneer
WIEGERT: Woodland Face Veneer. Thafs in Two Rivers, right? Could you put the date in there again?
WIEGERT: Good job. Do you have any questions, buddy? You sure? About how anything,s gonna go or anything like that er. If you have any questions, now is a good time.
BRENDAN: I don,t have a question.
WIEGERT: No questions. OK.
FASSBENDER: Anytime, I want you to take those cards with ya. Anytime you do, you give us, either ofus, a call....... you to talk.
WIEGERT: I'm gonna, I'm gonna put my cell phone number on here, OK? But you gotta do me a favor. You can't give that ta anybody else except your mom if she wants it. OK? I answer that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if it's tonight at 3:00 in the morning and you can't sleep and you need somebody to talk to or if you forgot to tell me something or if you just need someone to talk to, you call me. If it's Saturday night, 8:00 at night needing someone to talk to, you call me. Anytime of the day or night, OK? If you just need somebody to come pick ya up, give you a ride somewhere, get you out of the house; I'd be willing to do that for ya too, OK? That's yours and this is Tom's. Do you have any questions? OK. Should we let you go back to gthhour class, is that what you wanna do?
WIEGERT: What class do you have?
BRENDAN: Earth science
WIEGERT: Earth science, what's that about?
BRENDAN: It's about rock and those kinda......
WIEGERT: Do you like that class?
FASSBENDER: This is yours. I don't know if you throw it in your locker or whatever, but you're obviously free to take this so again, um, again we're, we're not gonna leave ya high and dry. We'll talk to your mom about this we wanna be thereifya need something. If you feel you need to talk to someone, counseling or anything like that, a counselor, there's nothin' wrong with that. Absolutely nothin' wrong with that. OK? You let her know and you call us.
WIEGERT: Do you feel like you wanna hurt yourself or anything at this time? No? OK.
FASSBENDER: You should be proud of yourself.
WIEGERT: You should be.
FASSBENDER: I certainly would be if I was your parents.
FASSBENDER: Okay. It's the most difficult thing that you just did.
WIEGERT: I'm proud of you.
FASSBENDER: All right, bud?
WIEGERT: You need something, call us. OK? All right. Why don't you talce those along.
FASSBENDER: I go get your Dean of Students and then........
WIEGERT: We're ending the interview at 1414 hours. This is the end of the interview. I then requested BRENDAN to fill out a written statement which BRENDAN did and signed both of the written statements. It should be noted there are two pages of written statements. After BRENDAN finished with the written statement, Special Agent FASSBENDER contacted BRENDAN's mother, BARBARA, and requested that she come to the high school to meet with us. It should be noted that BRENDAN requested that he be able to go back to his eighth hour class, which he was allowed to do. BRENDAN's mother, BARBARA, did show up at the school at which time an interview was conducted with BARBARA. For more information on that interview, please see Special Agent FASSBENDER's report. At approximately 1500 hours, BRENDAN did return to the conference room. We then asked BARBARA and BRENDAN if they would be willing to go to TWO RIVERS POLICE DEPT. with us to do a second videotaped interview. Both BRENDAN and BARBARA agreed. We then gave them a ride to the TWO RIVERS POLICE DEPT. We arrived at the TWO RIVERS POLICE DEPT. at approximately 1515 hours. Upon arrival at the police department, we asked BRENDAN and BARBARA if BRENDAN would like BARBARA to sit in the room during the interview and also asked BARBARA if she wished to sit in the interview. BARBARA stated that it was not necessary for her to sit in the interview room, and BRENDAN stated he did not care if his mother was there or not. At approximately 1521 hours, Special Agent FASSBENDER and I met with BRENDAN alone in the interview room at TWO RIVERS POLICE DEPT. Prior to speaking with BRENDAN, we did read him his Miranda Rights from a waiver form that was provided to us by TWO RIVERS POLICE DEPT. BRENDAN agreed to waive his rights and speak with us and signed the Miranda form. It should be noted that I did read him the Miranda form and explained it to him. BRENDAN did initial both areas of the Miranda form. A copy of that form will be included with this report. At that time, we did begin interviewing BRENDAN and informed him that the interview was being taped. For more information on the second interview of BRENDAN, please see the videotape. After finishing the interview with BRENDAN, we did take BRENDAN back to the MISHICOT FIRE STATION where we met with several other detectives We did make arrangements for BARBARA and BRENDAN to stay at FOX HILLS RESORT on the night of02/27/06 for their safety. Investigation continues. Inv. Mark Wiegert Calumet Co. Sheriff's Dept. MW/sk